Patent Information Centre, Guwahati

The centre had been set up at Guwahati in collaboration with the Patent Facilitating Centre(PFC), Technology Information, Forecasting and Assessment Council(TIFAC), DST, Govt. of India , New Delhi for providing guidance to the innovators in respect of getting their Intellectual Property Rights. The centre had started functioning as a service centre to render patent related services among the S&T community since 2003.


To create awareness about Intellectual Property Rights, especially patents, in the state of Assam and neighbouring region of this centre and enable patent search for the universities, industry, government departments and R&D institutions in the state and around.
To analyze the patent information on a regular basis and suggest new programmes for R&D based on such information.
To guide the inventors in respect of patenting their inventions.

Activities taken-up

The centre had identified some goods for registration as GI in consultation with producers, academic and R&D institutions of the state and a prospective list has already been prepared. As a first case of GI of the state, the Muga Silk is being explored and information as per the GI format of Govt. of India is being collected and process for filing the same
In order to make PIC-ASTEC a nodal activity point for GI related matters of the state, the council has requested Govt. of Assam to notify PIC-ASTEC as a nodal agency for the same and which is being taken up by the S&T department, Govt. of Assam
The center is being served by the Journal of Intellectual Property Rights from NISCAIR, New Delhi
The center is being served by the Journal of Geographical Indications from Geographical Indications Registry, Chennai
The center is being served by a booklet both in Assamese and English on IPR with basic information and guidelines for receiving IPR, which has been published by the center for general circulation.
The center is being served by the patent database like Global-Pat from European Patent office, Austria and Ekaswa A&B from Technology Information Forecasting & Assessment Council (TIFAC), DST, New Delhi. The center has the online patent database search facilities.
The center had conducted patent searches for ten innovations
The center had successfully conducted eight IPR awareness camp in the Department of Chemistry, Cotton College, L. C. B. College, Guwahati, Regional Science Centre, Guwahati, J. N. College, Boko, M. N. C. B. College, Nalbari, Bihu Tali, Morigan and Army
All India Radio, Guwahati center broadcasted a twenty-minute programme on PIC.
Dooradarshan Kendra Guwahati telecasted a programme on PIC and its activities as a part of total S&T institutions of the state and their activities.
Online and CD based search on patents are being carried out to identify important areas of science and technology for R&D purposes.

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