Sl. No. Name of the Project Name of the Institute Name of the Investigator Status
1. Study of Channel Bras(Char) in the Brahmaputra River, Near Guwahati Dept of Geography, Guwahati University Dr.D.C.Goswami Completed
2. Studies in Flash Discharge Spectra of Nitrogen Fixation Dept. of Physics, Guwahati University Dr. S.S.Jois Completed
3. Studies on Model Catalyst for Nitrogen Fixation Guwahati University Dr. O.K.Medhi Completed
4. Studies on the Optical Cerankov Radiation & Radio Emission From Large Cosmic Ray Chowers Dept. of Physics, Guwahati University Dr. K.M.Pathak Completed
5. Studies on Difeerent Cultivers of Calocasia Guwahati University Dr. H.N.Das Completed
6. Investigation in High Energy Physics & Relativestic Astrophy Sics & Cosmology Cotton College Guwahati Dr. K.D.Krori Completed
7. Conducting Ultra Structural & Biochemical Study by Using Sophisticated Instrument Nalbari College, Nalbari. Dr. a.K.Sharma Completed
8. Influence of Environment Factors & Food Quality on Development of of Muga Silkworm Dept. of Zoology Guwahati University Dr. D.K.Sharma Completed
9. Bio Ecological Study of the Fish Food Fauna in Silchar City & its Environment. Dept. of Zoology G.C.College Silchar Dr. Debashish Sarkar, Dr. A.C.Bhoamik Completed
10. Design Consideration of An Environmental Pollution Monitoring Laser Telephotometer Instrumentation Centre Guwahati University Dr. A.Choudhury, G.Dutta Majumdar, Mr. D.Sharma Completed
11. A Survey of Non-Human Primates of Assam Dept. of Geography Guwahati University Sri. A.Choudhury Completed
12. Investigation on the Problems of Storage, Viability & Germination of Certain Recalcitrant Seed Materials With Special Emphasis on Arecanuts Dept. of Botany, Guwahati University Dr. N.K.Das Completed
13. Synthesis of Zeolites From Local Clay & their Use for Pollution Control Dept. of Chemistry Guwahati University Dr. K.G. Bhattacharjee Completed
14. Study of Efficacy of Herbal Medicine in the Treatment of Diabetes Mellitus IASST Khanapara Late. Dr. P. Goswami and Group Completed
15. Studies on Thermophysical Properties of Some Natural Silk Fibres Dept. of Physics Guwahati University Dr. Mohendera Nath Bora Completed
16. A Neouroepidemological Study Form Prevalance & Pattern of Commonly Identifiable Neourlogical Disorder in Rural Assam Guwahati Medical College Guwahati Dr.Ajay Mahanta Completed
17. Research Project Entitled Led " Floristic Composition of Orang Wild Life Sanctuary of Assam-its Impact on Growth and Development of Wild Life. Botany Dept. Guwahati University Dr.S.Choudhury Completed
18. Studies on Some Aspects of Muga Silk Worm IASST Khanapara Sri.J.N.Talukdar Completed
19. in Vitro Micro Propogation and Improved Method of Cultivation of Pine Apple Dept. of Botany, Guwahati University Dr. C.M. Sharma Completed
20. Study of Tobacco Consumption & its Relation to Upper Aero Digestive Tractcancer Forensic Sc. Labortary Guwahati Dr.B.Choudhury Completed
21. Ethno-Medico-Botanical Studies of Indigeneous Medical Plant of Golaghat & Jorhat Districts of Assam Handique Girls College Guwahati Mr.P.J.Handique Completed
22. Envrionmental Impact Analysis of Bharalu River Water Dept. of Zoology Guwahati University Dr. Amalesh Dutta Completed
23. Enzyme Linked Diagnosis of Bacterial & Viral Diseases of Animal and Birds Dept. of Micorbiology Assam Agricultural University Khanapara Dr. D.K.Sharma Completed
24. Biochemical Characterization & in Vitro Propagation of Som & Soalu for Muga Silk Culture Assam Agricultural University Jorhat Dr. P.C.Deka Completed
25. a Study of the Present Geographical Distribution & Ecosystem of Swampland Area Stretching From Dhanshiri Mukh to Kuthorijan Including Kaziranga D.K.D.College Golaghat P. Mahanta and Group Completed
26. Present Distributional & Nesting Status of Family Ardeidae & their Habitat Potentiality in Barpeta District M.C.College Barpeta Jayanta Deka Completed
27. Determination of High Alcoholic Content From Different Substance by Using Certain Fungi and Bacteria Biotech Dept. Guwahati University Late Dr. G.Konger and Group Completed
28. Some Classical & Quantum Theoretical Studies in Astrophysics and Cosmology Physics Dept. Cotton College Dr. K.D. Krori Completed
29. Investigation on Utility of Some Aquatic Plants in Removing Heavy Metal Pollutants From the Aquatic Bodies of Assam Reader Guwahati University Dr. A.K.Handique Completed
30. Photoelectric Photometry of Variable Starts With a 6" Telescope Dept. of Physics Guwahati University H.L.Duorah Completed
31. Aefobiological Studies of Assam With Reference to Allergic Human Diseases Reader Dept. of Botany Guwahati University Dr. K.N.Bora Completed
32. the Study of High Energy Interations in Photonuclear Emulsion and Ages of Mineral Rocks by Fission Track Dating Method Physics Dept. Cotton College Guwahati Dr.H.R.Bhuyan Completed
33. Survey of Serpentofauna of Kamrup District of Assam Dept. of Zoology Arya Vidyapeeth College, Guwahati Shri Saibal Sengupta Completed
34. Long Term Climate Variablity Over North East India  a Study in the Rainfall and Temperature Region Aranyak Beltola,Ghy- 28 Mr. Partha J. Das Completed


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