Inauguration of the Aryabhatta Science Centres by Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma, Minister Sc & Tech.

The declining trend of our children not opting basic science as their career is causing a serious concern in the country. The most brilliant students, going only for technical and vocational courses is creating a serious void in the field of basic scientific research. It is an alarming situation for the future of scientific research in the country.

One of the reasons for this decline, ascertained by the educationists of this country, is inability to create excitement in the minds of the young minds about various scientific developments and happenings. This is because, our conventional classroom science teaching, and other subjects also, is sufficient only to secure sufficient marks in examinations. This type of education makes the science most boring.

Excitements and curiosity towards science could be created only if we involve the learning children in some hands-on activities, particularly experimentations on end about the Environment around a child's surrounding.

Many experiments are being done towards this end by~ the experts in the country and are found successful in many cases. One of the successful experiments in this field is the Children's Science Congress, being promoted by the Department of Science & Technology, Government of India and organized throughout the country by the NCSTC-Network (a network of some government and nongovernmental agencies in the country).

Such an experimentation to promote basic science is essential in Assam also, through. involvement of various clubs, science clubs, Eco Clubs, VIPNET Clubs, rural libraries, schools etc. A year-long programme could be initiated in this regard, which would be continued in the subsequent years.

A Science Centre is the forum which provided facilities for practicing activity based learning process and to inculcate a sprit of enquiry, foster, creative, talent and generate scientific temper and   build of a self  relent culture in the community as a whole. It is characterized by its two prang channel of communication – exhibit and activities. The exhibits are interactive and participatory and intended to kindly fire of imagination in a young mind. They encompass a wide variety of subjects such as physical, applied, natural & social sciences, energy, environment, crafts industries and such other areas as broadly linked with science to fulfill the requirements of a wide spectrum of population.