Sl.No. Project Name Year of Commencement and Completion Sponsored by (State Govt. / central Govt. / DOS /Others Cost of the Project (Rs. in lakhs) Salient Achievement
1. Pre-harvest crop acreage & production estimation 1992 to till date SAC/ISRO (DOS) 22.5 Acreage and production of mstard and kharif rice are being estimated yearly using IRS Satellite data.
2. Digital Database creation under Disaster Management Support (DMS) Program 2004-2005 DOS through NE-SAC 8.74 Generated the  Infrasructral & land use / land cover database  in GIS environment using LISS III+PAN merged data as well as generated administrative boundary layer for supplementing relevant information with near real time flood mapping and are being operationally used.
3. Cropping System study with emphasis to horticulture development in hill areas using Remote Sensing Technique 2003 - 2007 NEC, Shillong (Central Govt.) 12.00 (Received Rs.9.0 lakhs) Existing cropping system of Assam was mapped using remote sensing data .Existing soil thematic maps are used and productivity index map is prepared and submitted to NEC.
4. Delineation of Catchment Area of Bridges  2004 and completed in 2004 Others: DPDC, New Delhi 0.64 Watershed of each identified proposed road bridge location in Upper Assam are delineated as an input for designing the bridges. Topomaps and Satellite data are being used.
5. Spatio –temporal mapping of methane emission from rice field 2004 – 2006 SAC / ISRO (DOS) 5.06 Methane samples collected from rice field of Assam in different stages and are sent to CRRI, Cuttak for analysis.
6. Integrated Study of 20 major wetlands of Assam for Fisheries development 2003 – 2007 (near completion) NEC, Shillong (Central Govt.) 9.00 (Received Rs.6.00 lakhs) Wetlands are delineated using multidate IRS satellite dataand and  put into GIS. Water samples are collected for quality parameters and are being attributed to respective wetlands.
7. Urban Sprawls Study of Tinsukia District, Assam 2003 - 2004 NE-SAC (DOS) 0.3 Socio-economic data are collected for the project for further analysis.
8. Fluvio-geomorphological study of the Brahmaputrariver 2003- 2005 SAC / ISRO (DOS) 2 Landuse change detection mapping is carried out in digital environment along  the Brahmaputra as a part of the project using IRS Satellite data
9. Ground water fluctuation of  3 Tea Gardens 2003 – 2004 Others: NTRF 2.78 Seasonal ground water fluctuation map is prepared
10. Updation of Wasteland phase - V 2004 - 2006 NRSA (DOS) 3.93 Wasteland database has been updated for 13 districts of Assam in GIS domain using IRS-LISS III data. In few districts –ve growth is observed in comparison to earlier database created under wasteland phase-v due to encroachment in forest area. Along with wasteland village layer as well as watershed boundary with proper codifcation are put into GIS. These are again customized as per user needs at block level as and when required by concerned line department of State Govt., NGO’s etc.
11. Vegetation cover dynamics study and afforestation site identification in Guwahati City 2003 - ongoing In house (S & T division of ASTEC) 1.23 The maps and data analysis are under progress. IRS  LISS III and PAN merged data are being used
12. Digital database of Dibrugarh District,Assam 2005-2006 State Govt. 1.48 (Received 0.74 lakhs) Database such as lanuse / landcover using IRS LISS III and PAN merged data are generated along with  administrative layer upto revenue circle level having  village boundaries are put in GIS environment and are being used by district administration with help of NIC.
13. Village level database of Assam 2005 – completed in 2005 AHEC, IIT Roorkee 0.27 Database is used for planning of rural electrification.
14. Revenue Circle Map of parts of Assam 2005 –2007 UNICEF, through Dept. of Social Welfare, Govt. of Assam 2 Digital data are used extensively by Socaial Welfare for various UNICEF schemes.
15. National level mustard crop estimation under multi-crop inventory 2006- ongoing SAC /ISRO (DOS) 0.5 Inventory of mustard crop
16. Augmentation of IT infrastructure at ARSAC / ASTEC 2006 –2007 NEC, Shillong (Central Govt.) 90 Both hardware ( high end PC’s and Server and software (ERDAS /Imagine and ARC/GIS ) are being procured under the scheme which in turn helped in various ongoing projects as well as for training program conducted at ARSAC.
17. Thematic layer extraction using IRS LISS III data for 4 North Eastern States 2006- 2007 NIC, Govt. of India (Central Govt.) 9.81 (Received 3.81 lakhs) Thematic layers (landuse, wasteland, geology, geomorphology etc.) are extracted usng IRS LISS III data.
18. National Resource Census (LULC 50K) 2007-onging NE-SAC (DOS) 14.53 (Received Rs. 0.92/- lakhs as 1st installment) 60nos. of sheets are taken for analysis
19. Updation of wasteland under NRC 2007- to be started NRSA (DOS) 1.02 After receiving necessary layers compatible to Satellite data supplied for NRC project from NRSA works will be carried out.
20. National Wetland Inventory and Assessment 2007-to be started Space Application Centre, dept. of Space, Ahmedabad 10.2 (Rs.5.0 lakhs has been sanctioned as advance) Wetland inventory on 1:50,000 scale using IRS satellite data and thereby creation of Digital database of Wetlands as per NNRMS standards.


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