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CSC Assam
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Assam Science Technology and Environment Council

Traditional knowledge system

Traditional Knowledge system (TKS) is the local knowledge – knowledge that is unique to a given culture or society.TKS is the information base for a society, which facilitates communication and decision-making. Indigenous information systems are dynamic, and are continually influenced by internal creativity and experimentation. Broadly TKS can be categorised into two major groups, Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK) and Traditional Technical Knowledge (TTK). Certain knowledge which deals with uses of natural resources, like use wild edible, uses of different clay in pottery, use of different plants parts for different purposes are considered as TEK. On the other hand, design and development of tools and gears to perform different activities, like traditional tools and implements in agriculture, fishery/fishing, handloom and handicraft, etc are considered as TTK. All the TKS evolved locally to cater local environmental and socio-cultural condition and a larger section of people has fair idea and knowledge about this. Many of the TKS base approach use optimum energy and natural resources. Therefore documentation and application of such approaches may contribute immensely to step forward towards sustainability. Under this sub-theme, students are expected to discover such TKS available in their locality and innovate on their basis.

Project Ideas :
Assessment of wild edible use by community in a locality and its food value, traditional dye used by a community, traditional food/crop storage system and its scientific improvisation, efficiency assessment of different traditional tools and gears use for agriculture/fishery/sericulture and improvisation, traditional pottery industry and improvisation, quality and impact assessment of traditional water filters (if any)/irrigation systems, etc.

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