Year of Scientific Awareness - 2004


A project supported and catalysed by NCSTC/RVPSP (National Council for Science & Technology Communication/ Rashtriya Vigyan Evam Pradyogiki Sanchar Parishad), DST, Govt. of India since 1988 aims to focus on various relevant focal themes each year. The year 2004 is celebrated as Year of Scientific Awareness (YSA). Comprising both jatha and non-jatha types, the main aim is to reach crores of people directly or indirectly by using various forms of communication media. The six important subjects or themes of YSA are Water and Sanitation, Health and Nutrition, Environment and Biodiversity Conservation, Disaster Preparedness, Soil Management and Empowerment of People through Information Technology.

To organize this mega event in a proficient manner, the nation has been divided into eight zones on the basis of some common characteristics and problems.

ASTEC is the Regional Coordinating Agency for the Eastern Himalayan Region comprising all the eight NE states and hilly districts of Cooch Behar, Jalpaiguri and Darjeeling in West Bengal. It is worthwhile mentioning that DST, Govt. of India selected Assam and Uttaranchal as model for implementing 'Vigyan Chetna Jatha for Himalayan Region' as Pilot Projects in 2003.


To help in creating an atmosphere and condition conducive to more and more people readily and easily becoming scientifically aware.
Make more and more people habitual of keeping themselves scientifically aware by acquiring the required knowledge and information and seeking satisfactory answers to questions that arise in their minds.
To encourage more and more people to make practical use of their scientific awareness in day-to-day life, in arriving at decisions concerning issues/ subjects of concern to them, in overcoming superstitions and tackling blind beliefs, and in handling situations arising out of age-old practices and traditions which actually hinder progress, harmony, or even may harm others.


Non-Jatha comprising Seminar, Poster and Song competitions, blind motivation programme, puppet shows, folk performances, popular lectures, Radio and Television programmes in various districts of all the states completed.
Jatha performances held in almost all the states of Eastern Himalayan Region with culmination events.
Financial assistance supported by NCSTC, DST, Govt. of India has been released to each state.
Last instalment as received from Govt. of India till date to all the State Coordinating Agencies released except Assam, Meghalaya and Sikkim.
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